Our vision is to inspire and support a lifetime of empathy, creativity, and curiosity.a

We’re on a mission to create beautiful products to be enjoyed and shared across generations: Old School skills and values made fresh and made to last with sustainably sourced materials.



Over twenty-five years ago, I wanted to create a new paradigm for what it meant to be a working mother. I refused to accept the compromise of work versus family. My office was in the basement, where I could be close to my kids and they could experience what we did. My husband Saxton and I put in long hours, and along with the help of friends and family, we grew our business while raising our children. Parenting in the same realm as a home-based business clarified our values. As we were encouraging creative thinking, open-ended play, and meaningful communication in our young children, we were also infusing them into the products we developed.

For over 27 years we have made products that reflect our commitment to family, community, cooperation, inclusion, respect, and the power of honest communication. As our children grew into adults we realized that at every age we should take time to play and create opportunities to spend time together as a family, and so the PUZZLEPUZZLE puzzle brand was born. A natural expansion of the lifestyle into adulthood.




Happy and busy and making things. Mia gives birth to Eyck and eeBoo is also born.



Twins arrive, Mia & Saxton welcome 3 children under 3. Charting a new paradigm: Running a creative business and making time to get down on the floor and play.



We move the office from twin’s bedroom to the basement and commits to sustainably sourced materials.



PUZZLEPUZZLE moves out of the basement and into a grand converted ballroom. The industry trend is craft kits; we expand into beautiful high quality materials for making art and non-directed creative play.


Kids leave home and, upon reflection, we gain a new perspective on a child’s developmental arc and the importance of social navigation and emotional intelligence. 



We give birth to PUZZLEPUZZLE, ”Jigsaw puzzles made fresh,” making us a lifestyle brand for all ages, bringing beautiful, well-made products to support our customer’s interests while offering opportunities to engage with family and friends across generations.



An upside down year! eeBoo goes remote; Mia and Sax work from the Barn in Massachusetts and start robust Direct-to-Consumer business as sales and staff double. Lockdown with family (three grown children, ninety year old grandparents and Bingo) puts intergenerational play and communication skills to the test.



A healthy planet is our priority. We use minimal packaging, no plastic components, recycled materials, and vegetable-based inks. We can also now proudly say that we are expanding our commitment to sustainability by using FSC®-certified paper. By choosing FSC®-certified products, you are supporting responsible management of the world's forests to preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of workers and local communities while sustaining economic viability.Puzzlepuzzle's FSC License code is FSC-N005407.

We also believe in reducing waste, which is why quality is so important to us. Our products are designed with such care that they can be handed down and used again and again.

Puzzlepuzzle products are safety tested to exceed the most stringent safety standards.



We believe that being able to tell a story, express your feelings, and speak up for yourself and others are basic skills that need to be nourished throughout one’s life. Our products teach and reinforce these skills while providing opportunities to connect with others. We celebrate the gloriousness of diversity and difference, and our thoughtfully designed products respect the intelligence, curiosity, and developmental needs of children of all ages and learning levels.

On the way of life, no matter how many people you meet, there will always be some people. We hope to leave an indelible mark in their lives. Gift giving has become an option. The variety of choices the store offers can make choosing a gift daunting.

Here, we provide you with options that are different from ordinary gifts. You can prepare a unique puzzle for them, and the puzzle can be assembled into the final picture. In the process of completing it by yourself, you will encounter some small troubles. You can do it with your dear family or friendly friends. This activity will last a lifetime in their memory